Hi guys,

I wanted to buy a new guitar, in the end I was stuck to an ESP LTD Guitar XDC5E, I just loved the tone very much both plugged as well as unplugged and I bought it.

But I dont see much reviews or anything on the internet, infact the guitar's website itself has no info on this model. Was that good buy?

Thank you.
I thought I ran into something like this while searching 'left hand semi acoustics. Those primarily electric brands all run together on me though, so I can't be sure. Amazon had the lefty version posted as,"normally ships within 6 to 8 weeks. So, they only build that guitar on order.

The guitar I saw had a sound hole that looked sort of like a Nike 'Swoosh'. It vaguely reminded me of this Agile HARM 1 But this has more of a Rickenbacker body profile.

If possible, please post a picture of your guitar. Since no actual results were returned from the model number you posted, if only to satisfy my curiosity. Well that and so we can wish you a "happy new guitar day".
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