So... there's this amazing song by Porcupine Tree called Nine Cats that I'm in love with. I'm trying to tab it out in Guitar Pro 6.

The acoustic guitar is somewhat. There's chords online, and placing the capo on the third fret gets you in the key of Cm that the studio recording is in. My chording isn't perfect by any stretch (I'm very much an amateur at tabbing), but it isn't terrible and gets the gist.

The major issue I'm having is with the electric guitar. I think the got the solo nicely, but the chords and picking played under the verse that starts "the pharaoh played a merry tune" are really hard to hear and I can't figure it out. That's what I need help with.

I haven't moved on to the keyboard or... I think... xylophone (or synthesized equivalent... ?), yet, but I'm not expecting those to be hard to tab. I'm expecting the drums to be a problem because I'm pretty bad at tabbing and even writing drums; I usually leave that to my brother, who's the drummer in the family.

But right now it's the electric guitar I could use help with.