It's been 7-10 years since I've played guitar seriously or done anything at all really...I use to go to mxtabs.net back in the day... like 2001 and there would be strong and accurate tabs and multiple versions there for free in text.

Now I know Guitar Pro was coming and that was 'ok' besides all the ghost notes it kept adding to everything but now everytime I want a guitar tab I have to use 'Tab Pro' which I have registered with 4 times and still not been able to use my free trial.

I am not paying for tabs...I downloaded power tab but this seems to have bitten the bullet too. How do I get accurate and good tabs these days?
Honestly, I think most people use GuitarPro.
You can sometimes find free versions but coughcough you'll have to uhh find that out on your own. But I personally use GuitarPro and cant imagine using anything else.
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