I'm searching between some amps (modeling), and was wondering something about the Roland Cube with the GA-FC (footswitch) because they say its compatible, yet on the pedel
there are functions the amps doesn't seem to have. (there's also a chance I missed some features) like on the GA-FC there is a 4th channel button, yet the roland has only 3 (solo,Clean, Lead) and was wondering what those buttons would do.

Also am I wondering, they say you can connect 2 expression pedals, what functions would they control?

If Roland says it will work, it will work. http://www.rolandus.com/products/cube-40gx/features/

Extra stuff on the footswitch might be for the modulation/time effects on board the Cube. Or it could just be compatible for other amps as well as the 40. Ports on the back of the cube are for the GA-FC, and a separate port for clean/lead and solo, using tip/ring.

You would have to have the amp and footswitch together to see how it all interacts. The 2 expression ports on the footswitch seem to control volume and modulation.
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