Hey guys, so I really wanna build a guitar… I have a ESP EC-1000 and I wanna build something a little more versatile but with adequate punch that I will be familiar with that’s in my ESP. So I did some research and I wanna do a unfinished strat in swamp ash wood, c-shape/rosewood neck (I plan on prepping and painting the guitar over a month or so). And for pickups I know for sure I want a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails, and I’m not sure what else. I want to stick towards grungy kind of tone, but still maybe maintain some creamy cleans. Any suggestions? The guitar will be played through a Vox Pathfinder 10.

Also if you have any advice for a 1st time guitar builder that would be great. I have a friend that does his own wiring for guitars, so he has given me some advice, but I’m not sure what to expect when I start.
for versatility out of any guitar mini toggles and push pulls go a long way to get all the sounds you're not getting.

I have blogs on all the right electronics and so forth on here actually. But here's what I'd get
CTS or bournes pots - B250k (all 3) - ebay for cheap ones
a CRL 5 way switch - if you're on a tight budget ebay has import ones for 2$
capacitors it's up to you and how long you've been playing. 0.047uf for hum cancelling single coils, 0.033uf works too. Depends on how much treble you want gone.

22 or 24awg wire - single conductor to make life easier. Doesn't matter which kind you get. I suggest in at least 2 colors.

fender S1 - it's a special switch to make all the pickups do extra sounds
Fender TBX - it's a special tone knob that shapes your tone 2 ways
super 5 way switches (good luck wiring them up)
SPST / DPDT (mini toggles) - for this and that
push pull pots are excellent too.
this is without getting into serious wiring mods. I talk a lot about electronics in some blogs I started a month ago sharing personal insight the last 10 or so years of modding guitars.
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