I am putting together a guitar, and have a wiring question... The guitar has 2 humbuckers (the 4-wire type), 3 pots and 2 2-way switches. How do I wire this so that each switch works as a killswitch for each pickup? Also, I would like the pots to be volume-tone-tone, is that possible when using 2 killswitches? From the diagrams I've seen the killswitch goes after the volume pot, but that wouldn't work for individual on/off for the pickups if using 1 volume pot...
you've got a lot of options. Honestly I would have just the one killswitch to make life easier. there is a lot of modifications to do with mini switches.

get a momentary on switch if you want to be like buckethead or an ibanez iron label guitar. They are little buttons instead of flicking some switch which is going to hurt your hand thinking long term.

mini toggle ideas - the seymour duncan p-rail wiring this is an excellent excuse to use this to get 9 distinct tones out of your 2 humbuckers. This does the following.
*series/split/out of phase - this uses on/on/on or on/off/on switches
series = full powered humbucker
split = coilsplit as in a buzzing single coil sound
parallel = a coiltap, this is a hum cancelling single coil sound
this can be done on guitars that aren't p-rails too. 4 wire pickup of any brand this will work with

*out of phase - affects only the middle pickup
*fender jazz mod
*the "megabucker" mod- gives you the full power of both pickups in position 2

my most out of the box concept
using resistors you can brighten or darken the guitar as well. Resistors are dirt cheap too. greater than say 500k = brighter , lesser than 500k - darker. But darker is kind of lazy considering you can just turn your volume down. carbon resistors are not polarized and you don't need anything fancy to work with them. They go from 1k to 16,000k.

one challenge I do when I wire up guitars is how much of this stuff I can incorporate into my own guitars. This site is an excellent reference. Guitarelectronics.com and the seymour duncan wiring sites are great too. But this is one site I'd recommend first.
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Yeah, I was thinking of going the coil-tapping route, but decided against it as I already have a few single coiled guitars. That might be a mod I'll implement at a later date, but keeping it simple for now :-)

Not really using the killswitches in the Buckethead/Morello way, just as pickup selectors really! Didn't want to modify the pickguard as the guitar is an oddity from the '70s, and I've never seen a similar pickguard, so it's not like I can go and get a replacement if I should screw it up So, guitar now wired up with the 2 switches as planned, works well!