Hi Guys! So, I've been practicing the Sequioa Throne by Protest the Hero and there's a huge 5 string sweeps near the end of the song. It starts off at the 15th high e string down to 15 A string then pull-off to 10th fret. Normally you would use your pinky when you get to the A string and use your index finger, but the way I've practiced it and works for me is that I've never really use or rarely use my pinky when i get to the low strings instead I use my ring finger most of the time.

Is this the correct way of practice or should I start using my pinky for these kinds of things(5-6 frets apart post 12th fret)? Because normally when I watch people's cover or anyone doing wide string stretches, their pinky is doing some work while mine feels being neglected most of the time.
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Use your pinky. Don't neglect it, it's just as important as the others. Time to start breaking bad habits before they get worse.
Your pinky is as important as your index finger. I neglected mine when I first started playing, and it became a real problem. I had to train myself to use it, and while it was awkward at first I now use it without thinking.
It is definitely a good idea to not neglect training your pinky.

At the same time, I have been experimenting with doing pull-offs like that for awhile now. It seems much easier to use the index finger for the lowest bass note- as long as you are descending at least. That technique can allow you to do some ridiculously long sweep/eco-picked arpeggios by sliding down the strings and using more of the fretboard. Once you figure out how to change position like that, you'll be able to get across the fretboard pretty quickly.

There's a video out there of Jason Becker discussing how he plays the standard arpeggios a bit differently, and he shows off what you can do with this. He's definitely very skilled, but learning how to do that isn't as impossible as you might think. You'll still need your pinky to take full advantage of it though!

Here's the video I was talking about, and I think he demonstrates the exact arpeggio you're talking about at around 1:30.
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