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I'm trying to get the hang of a technique that I've seen used a few times. Vito Bratta does it in White Lions cover of Radar Love. (2:50). There's a better look at it here (1:24) but I can't seem to get it at all. I can see he's pulling off the 4th and 2nd on the D, but how does the other hand come into it? A very light touch down the string? Is it a variation on some other harmonic trick?
Put a finger (I prefer the pinky) on the string really lightly (applying no pressure pretty much) & as you are pulling off the 4th & 2nd frets, move your finger down the string. Make sure your you are using a distorted sound otherwise you may not be able to hear it.
not certain but "random harmonics" maybe.

and yeah EarnHF got it. you're playing normally with the left hand (just doing pull-offs) but lightly touching the string over the pickups with one of the fingers of your picking hand (and moving it so the harmonic node changes) will effect the moving harmonic type of sound you're hearing.
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I've heard it called "autoflanging" in a good few places.
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