Hello fellow fretboard warriors.

I just joined the forums, while I've been following them for a while, I was a bit hesitant into joining.

I've been playing with a starter guitar (costed 90 euros on sale) since I started over 5 years ago, and it's getting to the point where the upgrade is needed.

I kind of already made my choice which is this Schecter: http://www.schecterguitars.com/international/guitars/hellraiser-hybrid-c-7-fr-detail

But I still have some doubts and questions before I plunge all that dosh on a guitar.

So here they are.

1st. I want a 7 string but what are the downsides, obviously it's easier to play on a narrower neck, but can someone with experience tell me if it makes it way harder, or is it just getting used to it? (my hands are fairly big, so that's not a problem)

2nd. The pickups are active, which I know need batteries, I'd like to know how long the batteries last, or if the output falls as the battery drains.

3rd. I like playing many genres, from jazz, to blues and metal. I pick a guitar more geared towards metal because imho it looks right for me, but I feel it is more versatile, as a guitar for, say blues, wouldn't be very good at metal. With this I'm curious if you can play some classic blues in such a guitar.

Thanks for your time.
1: you don't know how the bigger fretboard/extra string(s) will affect you until you try to play a guitar with them. It'll take a bit of getting used to, but you might find out later on down the line the seventh string wasn't for you, or even unnecessary.

2: Not sure how long on average batteries last. But the output does fall as the battery gets weaker. That's how I know it's always time for a replacement

3: you can play all different types of music on any piece of equipment. It's just that some are better geared to certain styles. Emgs (the actives in the hellraiser) Are generally quite sterile and imo not really good for anything, but that's just my bias. I hate emgs, but if you're wanting an active metal pickup, they're for you. Some people claim they're good

While I'm at it, The guitar you've chosen has a Floyd Rose bridge. Since you're a beginner, I'd recommend getting the verison of the hellraiser-7 that doesn't have the locking bridge. It's really un-needed for you at this point, and they're quite a pain to set up, especially if you don't know what you're doing. You'll be spending more time setting your guitar up than playing it if you're inexperienced with one.
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Thanks chookiecookie for the reply.

1. That is true, on the other hand what could happen if I bought the 6 string is that I would crave the 7 string even more...

2. Well I kind of agree with you on a point. It's not that I don't like the sound of the EMGs, but I would love if this guitar came with passive pickups. It's just that I'm in love with this particular model.

3. I was going to ask about the Floyd rose actually, but I forgot, so you actually did answer my unasked question. :P
I always wanted a floyd rose, and just like the 7th string I feel like I'd miss it if I got the other version. I don't mind getting my hands dirty and learning how to touch these things (carefully, obviously) so I don't really view that as a problem.

Thanks again for the reply.
1: not going to argue with you there. I've got i think 7 6 string guitars in the house and all I want is a 7

2: not all emgs are bad, but i'm just generally not a fan of most of their pickups. I think nili brosh uses the set in that particular guitar and i'm a fan of her, so you might want to look her up to see how those particular pups are in action.

3: The attitude you have for the floyd will really help here. It'd probably be best to take it to a tech for a setup though if there's one nearby though.

Best of luck to you with your new guitar acquisition.

Now, I just need to get myself a new one :')
ayy lmao
I do know Nili Brosh, but even more of a influence would be Jeff Loomis, that uses those pickups and has a kickass sound, (although with his skills he could make a dishwasher sound good)

And I do know someone with tons of experience who will gladly help.

Thanks for the support
Well, first, not only the neck is thicker, larger than a standard 6 string, but the scale is also bigger. That means the distance between the frets is bigger. Might not be an issue for you but it was for me back when I had a schecter 7 string. It was hard to strech on certain distance.

The EMG are mainly aimed at the "metal market", you might be able to get a "rock" tone with them, but it'll be a lot harder than with passive. I've got EMG's on an ART100 and I have an hard time geting a "Slash" tone, for example.

Battery hold the charge pretty long also, but keep one 9V handy at all time!

As for the floyd, it's not rocket science. Basically it needs to be balanced between the tension of the strings and the tensions of the spring. You can get a blocker if you want to change tuning "on the go".
EMG Active batteries last for something ridiculous like 9000 hours, being turned on when the jack is in the input

As for the range of genres, active pickups tend to only really play metal, you could look into some high output passive pickups instead, but if you're lenient to playing metal then actives will be no problem man

As for the 7th string I haven't played one so I wouldn't know the feel, though I've heard it's not too different to the 6, though it is definitely noticeable
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