Hello experts,

I'm rather new to amp / electric guitar scene. I've mostly just been playing acoustic guitar. I've bought a used Spider Line 6 200 W amp from friend it's working perfectly and ti was really cheap.

I've started a lot on finger picking lately. I got now also a Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body BK Guitar. I'm trying to immitate the amplifier settings for Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed playing styles.

I'm rather new to this, I'm mostly trying to set it up by ear. But I'm starting to have some second thoughts wether it might be the amp not suitable for this playing style or perhaps I need some pedal board with some other effects?

If you can post me some settings on the amp without any additional equipment I'd appreciate it so I can test it out.

Use the Fender setting on the amp, add some reverb/delay
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One of Chet's little secrets was in his guitar's neck. I don't know how often he did this but if you look at Chet's prototype 6120 guitar there was a pickup mounted in the fretboard under the low E and A strings. Chet had a separate output just for that pickup that he could feed to another amp channel (or amp) and adjust the volume of just the E and A strings when he was thumb picking. Really quite unique and a great idea I had never heard of before. Look closely at this picture. (see link below)

Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Didn't Chet play though a bass head Pedal Steel amp?

Any nice clean amp with some slap-delay should work, you already have the most important piece: the Gretsch.
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