Hi, I hope I am in the right forum. I have searched the net for chords to a song by Blind Willie McTell, the song is "Ain't It Grand to Live a Christian". [\B] . I cannot find it. Can anyone guide me to where I can find it? Thank you! Have a great day!
First the song is called AINT IT GRAND TO BE A CHRISTIAN ..I am sure you just had a typo in yours....

Secondly blind willie usually plays on a 12 string and in different tunings... This song is not in standard tuning as most of his aren't... See the site I have here....


That stated you can play it with the basic blues progression

Ab Eb. Ab
Eb. Ab
Ab. C#. Ab. Eb. Ab

You can also put a capo on the first fret and make the chords

G. D. G
D. G
G. C. G. D. G
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