Hi there, this is my first time on a forum so sorry if this is a bit scrappy. I'm in a rock covers band and we're currently learning to cover Slipknot's Snuff. However, we are female fronted so as much as I will get moaned at for playing it in standard tuning I'm sorry that's the only way our singer is going to be able to do it. My main problem is I can't work out where or how to play the lead parts as all tabs are drop tuning or in a different key so I'm just getting all confused. Can someone help me? Obviously we are in standard tuning and the rhythm chords start Am, Em, F# if that makes sense
But shouldn't the tab still portray the right frets? If you look at a tab in D standard and want to transpose it to E standard, isn't the easiest way to do it to just play the same frets in E standard tuning?
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Yeah that's what I thought but I don't know which tab I need to look at as there are so many different ones and the ultimate guitar chord structure is just that chords not lead tab. Again if this makes sense
Figure it out by ear and transpose it.

How to know which tabs are correct? Use your ears. Does it sound the same?

The lead parts that I guess you are talking about are basically just descending minor scale (skipping the 6th). So in the original version it goes like F# E C# B A G# F# E F# (and the second repeat has different two last notes - G# and A instead of E and F#).

The original version is in F#m, your version is in Am. So what you need to play is A G E D C B A G A.
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Ok cool thank you both. :-) So I found that on UG/version 3/tabs is the same structure as what we're playing (starting at Am and so on), so are you saying that guitar parts 2 and 3 are tabbed the same even though I'm in standard E tuning? I agree working it out with my ear would be perfect as I normally would but when I'm at home on my own I can't play the lead along with track as it's completely out and I can't even work out what the first bloody note is let alone the whole riffs lol which is what's confusing me.