Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone with a good knowlege of guitar amplifiers would be able to point me in the right direction for replacing my old Fender blues deluxe reissue.
I'll be using it for gigging, playing modern pop and classic rock. I have a pedal based setup so a pedal friendly clean channel is important. I'm thinking of even going boutique if I can get a get a good deal used. I'd prefer a head and small cab setup this time but it's not a priority.
Have you faced this dilemma? What route would you go down?
Any suggestions are welcome

Thanks folks
Well, aside from being tired of it it had a fault (a dry joint on one of the cement resistors) so the reliability of it concerns me with using it for gigging. Also, while it's a nice warm sound I find it doesn't have that much clarity or spread its sound that well. I'm probably being harsh on it though, it's been a great amp
I went from HRD to Mesa F-Series. I liked the HRD a lot, I like the Mesa better for similar music styles to you. Worth a look.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
If the amp has been repaired and has been reliable since the repair, I wouldn't give it a second thought to gig with it.

I've had factory fresh gear fail. It happens. As an electronics technician, I can tell you that if something is going to fail, it will usually fail within a short period of time being pulled out of the box. Once fixed, it should be a reliable bit of kit after that. Cold solder joints happen. Brand new tubes can fail. I've seen it happen.
^TS also said he needed something clearer and I'm guessing a bit tighter as well. Along with that, you can sell the HRD and offset the cost of the new amp.

Potentially you could just replace the speaker in the HRD along with fixing it, but a new amp might be more beneficial.
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Thanks for the input guys. I hear what you're saying kg6_Steven, probably a bit of paranoia on my part. Will, I actually put a swamp thing speaker in it which helps a lot, particularly at higher volume. I'd definitely hang on to that speaker if I sold the amp