Hello people, a quick question. All the tabs I can find for this song have Skwisgaar playing two guitar lines at the same time, how is this possible(Toki is on rhythm)? I know this is a virtual band, but I am a bit stumped here.

Is it possible to play both lines at once, or would it really be two seperate guitarists both playing the lead, and this has just not been outlined in the tabs?

Also, does anyone else notice the Electric eye by priest similarity in one part?

Any help much appreciated.
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Thanks man. Yeah it seems that Skwisgaar is down as playing two lines at once (Which isn't possible) in all the tabs I can find, here they play it seperately mixed with the rhythm.

I think it's where the real band was made by just Brendan small for the series(originally), so he went a bit mad with the layering.

The tabs I can find show rhythm and 2 leads seperate. Think I will have to chop them together myself to make a version of the song to play along too.
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