Sounds promising, I like the riff and the sound/feel of the short clip too.
Looking forward to hearing the full song.

Posted a tune recently - feel free to crit:
I Fired First
I like the intro.
on the second part i think the bass should have another beat. like instead the same thing as guitar (dun, dun , dunah) have it go "dun dun dunahdun". i meanthe guitar stays as you have it (1 2 3&_ ) and the could bass go (1 2 3&4). just try it. Maybe it'll fill out more. but then immediately lift up to stop it from ringing out. also perhaps throw in another drum beat on the 4 as well. (snare, cymbal, kick, whatever). also another drum on the '&' of four would be cool.
guitar: (1 2 3& ) (Same as you have it!)
bass: (1 2 3&4R) (Playing the last note an extra time) "R" for rest, as in dont let '4' ring out
Drum: (1 2 3&4& (I'm thinking '4&' could be be 'snare~snare',or 'snare~hi-hat', but whatever works. maybe 'high-tom~floor-tom'

I hope this helps
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