sounds very nice! guitar solo about a minute in to the first on could use a little chorus or something idk. clean lead riff at 1:58 through 2:13 could be copied and pasted underneath the electric part that starts at 2:13. also a fade out on the end would be nice.

on song 2 the palm muted part in the middle could use a little extra reverb or something to soften it up, preferable to add a little low end to it, make the reverb darker tonewise just on that track. love the LR panned percussion and the wahwah-y soloing a minute in. but really it could be great if the middle panned palm muted track could be brought down a little, tone wise. maybe a low pass filter could do?
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Thank you so much for all of the feedback it's really appreciated! I will take note of everything you said! I also just posted most of the other song to youtube. Beware. they get weird..