Hi folks

Posting from my mobile so the link might not work, so please copy and paste.

The track was recorded live from my wife's mobile so don't expect quality sounddesk audio but everything sounds clear enough.

Just looking for some feedback, I'm trying to be more confident as a frontman but still got a way to go. Any tips would be epic.


it sounds good. maybe try to hold off on the growlyness just a little on certain parts.3:12 you played something. 3:18 you repeated the something. it was epic, maybe play it an octave up the second time, so it keeps getting higher.
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I enjoyed the song. As a band you guys sound very tight and you did a great job of singing and staying in rhythm. Vocals sounded pretty good although due to the recording I couldn't make out parts of the lyrics (maybe add them to the description?). Can't give you any advice on how to be more confident as a frontman because I am still not very confident either haha. Anyways good stuff.

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