Any particular guitar tuner you recommend? I'd had a Cherub, but it doesn't feel good anymore. I've looked around and seen Snark tuners, not sure if they're good though. I need a good and accurate one, specially when playing live.
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I need a good and accurate one, specially when playing live.
Korg pitchblack or TC polytune.
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I use a Ibanez LU20 and have never had an issue ever with tracking. I recently bought a Snark Mini for $11ish and I have been using it more than my pedal tuner.

The Korg and TC are great as well
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Boss TU-3, no exceptions yo
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I've been using a fender PT-100 pedal tuner for years. Bought it when I started gigging and she's never let me down. Apparently, it's been discontinued so yeah, big help there.
I just bought a $20.00 ****** DT-1 pedal tuner off of amazon. I will report back when I have it.
The pitchblack seems really solid and the old Boss TU-3 is a huge standard. Either of those will work fine.
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The Polytune is *very* fast -- one strum and you know which strings you might have to tweak, and then it's accurate from there.
Personally, I wouldn't look at a tuner if it wasn't a pedal. Sooooooo easy vs. tuning with a regular tuner.

Mine is an old Planet Waves tuner they don't make anymore, but there are plenty of other options out there.
I use a clip on one when I'm out and my POD x3 has a built in tuner. But I want to get a Polytune when I have some extra cash.
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I use a Boss TU-3. The strobe is nice to have, and the build quality is like every other Boss pedal, and I like the big flat footswitch as opposed to the standard button on most 9ther pedals.
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I have a Behringer pedal tuner that's always done pretty well, but lately been switching almost exclusively to the Snark SN8 I got not long ago. Thinking about removing the Behringer from my pedal board...The SN 8 supposedly is a stronger model than the earlier ones, it's quick and accurate, I've had no problems at all so far.

I also used a Qwik Tune for a long time, it did a good job but is hard to see in the dark onstage, and is basically hand held although it does have input and output jacks so it can be used any time without unplugging.

After using one for a while now, I'd look at the Snark SN 8 it's the black one. Also has a really cool feature, you can set it so if you capo on the 1st 4 frets it will tune right but tell you the string name...so if you're on the 2nd fret you're tuning to F#, but it still says E. Nice, you don't have to transpose the notes and figure out if you're actually on the right note...I use a capo on my acoustic and electric several times a night so that's very handy...also has a tap metronome that I haven't tried yet. For $16, can't beat it. I can break 3 or 4 before I pay for one pedal tuner...also very easy to see onstage...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
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i use a snark for some things, like if i am tuning before stepping up and don't need to hear myself to tune. works great. i have two others in the studio, they are nice for getting in tune if i am lazy.

if i am at a gig. 100% of the time it is on a pitchblack. it works great for me. i went back and fourth on the that or the polytine and decided that the pitchblack was better for me.

or, the phone can work great anywhere you have quiet.
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I have used a Polytune for quite a long time, and it is really fast, one strum and you're done. If you play live, I think it's one of the better options. I play at home, though, and I found that in general the accuracy is not that perfect. Not a big deal for normal use, but was a big deal for me when I was setting up guitars and tweaking the intonation. So I traded it for a TU-3 which is more accurate. No true bypass in the TU-3, though, but I have like three pedals and a couple of buffered ones doesn't make a night and day difference to the bypassed sound.

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I'm using the Polytune 2. Polyphonic tuning and super accurate from what I've been able to tell.
I've been gigging with a Korg Pitchblack for quite a while. I like it a lot. Very good tuner.
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