Hi guys,

I was looking to buy a new guitar to start playing again after a long break.I don't have much of a budget for that, around £500 for both the guitar and amp. I mostly want to play metal therefore I really want to buy this guitar:


The problem is that i don't know a good suitable amp for this. It doesn't need to be very loud, only for practice purposes (10-15W) and the budget for it is approx. £90. I have researchd a little bit and i came up with 2 solutions:



What do you guys think? I am also open to new suggestions.

Thank you!
With your budget I'd spend more on an amp first.
Guitar wise I'd look at something like a Yamaha Pacifica. It's a well made strat copy with a humbucker in the bridge. That guitar could get you (re)started with playing.

And it's cheap too.

That leaves you ~340 pounds for an amp.
I guess you'll play metal. Do you have an preferences as to what you want?
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No, not really, just a nice heavy metal sound.
What amps would you have in mind then?
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No, not really, just a nice heavy metal sound.
What amps would you have in mind then?

any favourite bands?

I'd buy a Randall RG80 or a Randall RD50c if I were you.
The RG is solid state and packs a serious punch. Great for thrash, groove and all that stuff.
The RD is tube. 50 watts and it's great for death and black metal. Your typical Swedish metal bands can be played with this.

Actually, wait the RD is too expensive.
if you want tube then a Randall RD5 would be good.
it's 5 watts and has a volume, gain and tone control.
Well, you can call me crazy
You can call me wrong, 'cause
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The thing is i don't need a very big amp...i'm not gonna play any gigs anytime soon I just need a small practice amp If they are small and cheaper does that make them bad?
Yeah if you're only going to play at home I'd spend more on the guitar probably.

the big problem is most metal tones on record are recorded with big (tube) amps with (several) 12" speakers. So there's going to be some compromise with going smaller.

the peavey vypyr is pretty strongly recommended for metal tones on a budget, though i haven't tried it. I'm guessing the VIP2 is the one since it has a 12" speaker. Problem is Peavey is screwing about with its EU distribution at the moment so they're hard to find. Gear4Music was blowing the VIP2 out there a couple of weeks ago for £129 but they're all gone now. Usual price is more like £200.

You could always get something like a roland microcube or vox mini3. they're very small but sound pretty good considering, and are nice and portable (so useful even when you get a bigger amp). But i'd imagine the bigger modelling amps they make sound better so...
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Here's my take on this. There are some very good ways to play guitar at home without an amp nowadays.

That's a great choice for a guitar that I won't try to talk you out of - I've been eyeballing one of those myself - and it should last you a long time.

For the amp, are you open to using headphones? Where I'm going here is instead of getting a traditional practice amp like the Marshall MG, Peavey Vypyr, Roland Cube, or Line6 Spider, check out a Line6 POD HD500X (or a used HD500).

These are an all in one amp, effect, and speaker cabinet emulator that sound very good. You can use it immediately alone with just a pair of headphones. If you want to hear sound in a room, you can hook it up to just about any speaker you have laying around like a stereo system or boombox. You can also get a powered wedge (monitor) (for gigs) or a set of monitor speakers like a KRK Rockit series (for home studio sound) down the road.

You can reuse the POD when/if you get a "real" amp for all of your effects.

If you gig you can also just hook the POD directly into the PA system. New these are $500 USD but you can get used or a lower model, just look into it.

Anyway it's probably over budget with that Jackson but it would be a killer rig for what you want, and more for the future.

If you're ok playing through your computer, you can get a $10 generic interface (guitar input to USB convertor) from Amazon and amp simulator programs. I suggest Peavey ReValver 4 as it's very easy to use and you can get a huge variety of good tones from it. There are also some other free options out there as well. The only downside is you're tethered to your computer.

Anyway, just some other ideas to the classic get a modeler amp. The range of sound control you have with a POD or Amp simulator puts the modeling amps to shame.
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I can't offer any useful advice on gear for playing metal, but I can tell you it took me a very long time (about 20 years) to come to terms with playing electric because I paid too much attention to the fancy lump of wood and not enough to the amplification chain (pickups, stomps, amp). This means I'm in the "more amp, less guitar" camp at your kind of budget. - I would be thinking in terms of the Yamaha/Randall suggestion.