My name is Raul. I've been practicing on death metal vocals for a little over a year now. I noticed lately that I've been doing them incorrectly so it's luckily I caught up on that before it resulted in damage to my voice. I was doing them from the throat and they sounded pretty pathetic quite honestly.

About 2 days ago I think I figured out the "proper way". My throat is completely relaxed and I feel no pain or strain whatsoever afterwards. That's a good sign, right?

So anyway my brain has tricked me a few times into believing that sound half decent just to be shattered the next day by listening to them and noticing that they are actually quite bad.

Now I think I've gotten it down much better. I'll let you decide on that though since I know easily one can get deluded into thinking that they are doing something decent, when they actually aren't.

The backing track is off youtube and with no original vocals in the back - just mine. As for effects all I did was a little equalization (more highs, less meds) and added the same sounding reverb that Mikael used in the original track.

Here it is:
Opeth Cover

I cut out the clean parts since I can't sing at all, lol. Believe me I've tried so I'll spare you the pain. I've only been doing vocals like these for two days really. Before I did that horrible throat thing so I probably have a lot to work on.

Please let me know how I'm doing and what you think of it. Thanks!
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