these are just suggestions. could use a little more mids i think. guitars are too quiet. vocals could have a little delay. volume is inconsistent, throw a compressor over the entire thing. if you know how to use low and high pass filters, use them. bass is magnificent but a little too loud. boost some high frequencies on the cymbals, like really high frequencies maybe around 8k, to make them glisten! bad ass composition, btw! reverb on the high hat would be nice. really just a compressor over the finished product would do wonders. maybe increase the amount of over dubs. make sure everytrack's either panned entirely left, entirely right, or straight up the middle. vocals sound a little left of center. sounds good as a song, quite exciting. hope this helps
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Thanks for the listening. Knew the bass was a little loud(I'm using some crappy headphones to mix). Thanks for the suggestions man