So for the last 10 years I've been primarily studying classical guitar and become hopelessly lost when it comes to sub-genres of metal. My band is working on some material right now and our genre tags need a little bit of solidification.

Any tips on the process (how you all generally try to classify your music) or suggestions for tags welcome.


Just tag it under metal. You'd get more listens in general and would let people make their own opinions. But you guys have alot of elements going on. A little melodic death metal, and some groove metal aspects. Dont try to subject yourself to one thing. Just go your own way. Itll give you more creative space.
Thanks for the input! I do prefer the simpler approach. I did a little browsing and saw that Mastodon tracks either use "metal" or "hard rock" instead of going too far into classification as well.

Perhaps I was overthinking it...
this is "cuntcore". jk. sounds like rock with death metal vocals. one thing you can do is just pick an adjective that loosely defines your music and add 'core' to it. noun versions of adjectives work too; for example, "BeutyCore".