Hello there, my fellow guitarists!

So I was lying in my bed playing my electric guitar just a while ago when I suddenly thought of something and now I want to ask you a question: what is the most ergonomic electric guitar you've ever laid your hands on and why?

Personally, I prefer Fender strats. I play a lot of blues/rock and I've tried different kinds of guitars but I always come back to my strat. I don't know why but I feel like there's something about the strat that makes me feel like a better guitarist. There's this sound that I can only make on my strat. The soul, the groove and the flow. And for some reason, I feel less nervous when I am using it live. For one, it's not that heavy compared to a Les Paul. I really feel comfortable using my strat and my hand sits perfectly on it. It's a stable guitar and I don't think there's anything I can complain about it. I wasn't a fan of strats before until recently. I feel a little relieved and very happy to have finally realised which next guitar I must save up for.
It's subjective, clearly.

Personally, while I have brands I love- Jon Kammerer & Reverend, anyone?- I'm not so concerned about ergonomics as most, so I can't even say which in my collection feels "best" to me.
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Try a Parker Fly
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Those ARE awesome guitars. Very light, too.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Strandbergs are designed specifically around ergonomics. I've only ever held one, didn;t play it. Extremely light and fits against your body well whether you are standing, sitting, whatever.

My favorite guitar ergonomically of mine is my Iceman. Nice tummy cut and how the body swoops up where you rest your arm doesn't get int he way of strumming at all. Then if I prop my leg up on my bed or a monitor it catches the lower horn and I sort of get the benefits of a shorter strap when needed.
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The Fender Stratocaster for me.

Over the past few years, I have played a lot of different guitars, at home as well as with other people, and I thought I liked quite a lot of different guitars. Then I was up to a gig that I was really nervous for, and I soundchecked with my Gibson Les Paul. Now, I love that guitar, but right then it felt clumsy and huge and made me even more nervous - so I ran home, stringed up my Strat in a hurry and returned in time for the gig, and got through it without feeling nervous.

The lesson? Under pressure, I'm more confident with my Strat, mostly due to the ergonomics. Some things you just don't know until you try to play while your hands are shaking.
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Jackson Warrior and similar X-shaped guitars that have a lower cutout and a back cutout so you can play them in any position, on any leg, comfortably.
I have a Fender Stagemaster SSS. Basically, Fender tried its hand at making a super-strat. Carved body, set neck, 24 frets, thin, but wide neck, beautiful. Balanced perfectly. One of my favourite guitars.
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The Stratocaster or any similar RG type guitar and the Fernandes Vertigo for me.
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If we're simply talking ergonomics, the Strat probably leads the way among traditional designs, though I much prefer neck-through shaved heel variants on the basic strat shape (such as the 300ST series Carvins).

A traditional LP, not so much. The body shape nails you in the ribs and in the forearm and the neck heel and 90 degree body "point" nail you in the palm of your hand and the inside of the curve of the cutaway forces people with larger hands to rotate their hands to play the upper frets. Again, however, there have been variations on that design by other vendors that have made it a lot more usable. Collings, for example, has a contour on the BOTTOM of the body that's more comfortable for the top of your leg.
I almost always play standing up, and I like my neck to point up at around a 45°–50° angle, so for me it’s anything with a body so heavy it keeps me from having to hold the neck up.

But I am thinking about buying a Mockingbird to play when I sit down.
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For me it's a Strat. I find guitars that are too light, i.e. a Parker or Ibanez, too be uncomfortable. Strats are light but at least have a little meat.
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FWIW, (allegedly), one of the most, or even the most ergonomic guitars was the Ovation, "Breadwinner", "Deacon" series. Eastwood Guitars had a copy a couple of years ago, but I believe that's out of production also.
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My current preference is the Ibanez RG series. I have two (click here for one of them ) and I find them one of the most comfortable design concepts; lightweight body, thin unfinished neck and wide fretboard.

I'm with you on this!
My RG is one of the best guitars I've played...
Idk, I just love the damn thing.
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