So, i FINALY set up my ec401, and now that its set up it plays really nicely. But for some reason my bridge keeps buzzing on the high e and the b string. I figured out that every time it starts buzzing, i just tighten the screws in the brige, that seem to untighten and spin freely in the bridge. When i tighten them a bit, the buzzing goes away. It comes back after a while tho, when the screws untighten again. Its only on the high E and B strings, but its really annoying. I never hear of this before, so is there any solutions besides a new bridge?
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
I am with the same problem, but it is the low E and the A string that are buzzing at the bridge. Most of the times tightening doesn't solves the problem, I tried to untighten them and it didn't solved the problem either.

The intonation is fine though. When I play with my amp I don't hear the buzzing sound since I play mostly metal (which means I turn the Gain up) but when I'm not using the amp or when it is in the clean channel it is really annoying because I can hear it.

My guitar has a Tune O Matic bridge just like yours btw.
Only thing I can think of is a drop of fingernail polish in the screw threads. That acts like Loctite, but is easy to get loose when you need to make adjustments.
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