Took a look at the Carvin V3MC and Laney IRT-30 amps. Wow! 3 channels, built in attenuators for lower wattage for when stage volume is an issue, reverb, buffered effects loops. All for $649 and $699 respectively.

Are there any other combo amps like these that can even compete with this much features for so low a price? I'm trying to weigh all my possible options before diving in for the purchase.
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Yep XXX as mentioned is a very nice amp and tough as nails. Put some good tubes in it and your good to go.
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I have the V3m head version with 2x12 slant top and GT speakers and I am happy with it , it does take a learning curve to dial in the tone but it's there , I bought this to replace my Peavey 6505 112 combo that was too heavy to carry and so far I'm totally happy with my decision
Many recent vintage Mesa amps are technically 2 discrete channels but 3 gain stages. Clean/crunch/shred. Used ones can be found in a similar price range and they are hand wired and built like tanks. They also always sound pro.
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I have the IRT 120 and I love it. Great tone after plenty of tweaking. I'd strongly advise it for heavy rock/metal, but also has a superb clean channel. I've heard the combos don't have the best speakers though.
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another thumbs up for the v3m. This little thing is amazing. I got the head for $550.00 with the footswitch included.

It's pretty much a tweakers amp....you can dial in anything. It's got enough gain to play anything, and cleans up very nicely. Not to mention the cool LED's you can turn on/off...and make em blue or red. They'll light the room up.
I also found the Tubemeister 36, which looks like it has the same features mostly! Bit more pricey though....

Which of these amps have the better cleans?
The RM100 is three channel too. I see them go for around $600 on US ebay all the time.
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