I purchased a junkie Joyo power supply a couple years ago, and surprise, surprise, a month or two after I had been using it, it crapped out on me, and may have damaged some of my other pedals. Now, I bought a *Like New* MXR dc brick for $85. What made it "like new" was that the manager lost the box and all the cords that go along with it. I figure, I've got all the wires and everything from the Joyo, maybe I can make this work. I get home, start getting things set up, and I notice a couple sparks when I jolted (no pun intended) the MXR. I tried googling for an answer, but haven't really come up with anything. My theory is that there is something improperly grounded, whether it is the MXR Brick or the power supply itself. I haven't found another power supply to test my theory with. Any ideas, suggestions, concerns?

Video of what's happening
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I would return it. For plenty of reasons, including the sparking. I had a JOYO supply, the power 2 one, and it was AWESOME, loved thelights, it was cheap, compact, but I THOUGHT there was a iso problem causing all this noise. It turned out to be a different problem in my chain that passed the original troubleshooting

Anyway, the power cable is to fragile. Especially for a touring musician pulling his pedal board out four times a day. I finally bit the bullet and went Voodoo over the DC brick SOLELY because of the power cable, I really couldn't be happier. All noise is gone now, both the random noise and the noise from a different part of my set up.

Really wish I could help with teh sparking problem, never seen that before.
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Honestly, it was a bit of an impulse purchase. I was wanting either a Voodoo Labs or a T-Rex Fuel tank, but this was there, and cheap, you know?
'89 MIJ Fender Strat
Rivera S-120
'60s PEPCO Model 211 5w head
'60s Paul (Pepco) 1x12 tube amp
'60s Harmony H303a 1x10 tube amp
I've been gigging with my Joyo power supply for quite some months now and it's actually worked great. Like Katsock said, though, the power cable is fragile. One of these days, when I can spare the dough, I'll probably get something that's isolated. Anyhow, you should definitely return the MXR. No power supply should be making sparks. Never mess around with anything that has to do with electricity and is faulty. I've gotten zapped twice at gigs, so now I'm very finicky that everything is properly wired and set up whenever I play.
Only twice? you obviously didn't gig much in the 60's and 70's....

I agree, send it back. When hooking up, make sure nothing is the wrong polarity. I made my own splitter, got a 1000mA wall wart, it works great but it took me 2 or 3 tries to get everything working, I kept reversing polarity here and there before I got it right. But no sparks...
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
I'd just return it because they charged you $85 for it. A proper power supply just to power the thing would cost you $20. I paid $90 with shipping for an "open-box" one that came with everything.
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+1 to a 1spot
+1 to returning it.
+1 for an isolated power supply.
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does this happen to all pedals or only with the big muff showed in the demo. Also, are you still using the power supply (the transformer etc...) that was supplied with the Joyo or was it supplied with the MXR?