Hello! I'm recently getting back into playing guitar as a serious effort since now I have a lot of time on my hands.
I come to you in search of some advice on a setup that could be within my budget because I know the great citizens on this forum are extremely knowledgeable.

For starters, I intend to play mostly metal, I really enjoy bands like Rings of Saturn, Death, Opeth, and some of Pantera. However I do have a broad taste of music that I enjoy, basically anything but country.
I am still very much a new player but I do have some training in theory from previous guitar lessons. I intend to pick back up on that.
I personally would like something higher end because I want something I can really grow into and not end up hating. The better it sounds the more likely I'll enjoy playing.

My budget is around $2000.00 USD, I was looking into getting the Line 6 POD HD500x for all my tone needs because I don't really intend to play for anyone but myself. I can order anything I need online though.

With that in mind what would you guys reccomend as a good starting point for a guitar?

Thanks in advance. All feedback is appreciated.
HD500X and maybe one of these http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/PM15A or two if you really want to mess around with dual stereo amps. That's a fun feature in the Pod HD firmware.
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Thank you very much for the suggestion. The local guitar store I was just in was trying to sell me a HUUUGE Blackstar amp for around 575 but I don't quite think I need to blow my windows out just playing as a hobby. What would you reccomend in terms of a solid guitar? I would very much prefer one withOUT a FR, as I find them a pain in the ass to work with and I never use them anyways.
Might want to look into an Eleven rack by Avid, I bought 1 for 700 euro's (+/- 800 dollar)
to me thats a realy good home device.

also leaves a lot open for a guitar. might wanna check PRS and ESP
POD+PM15A+Custom Carvin sounds like a hell of a plan to me, sure as hell wish I had done it that way....

You can get mint, and I mean mint POD HD500x's for $375-420 easily on ebay, saves room for more custom guitar options.
Thanks everyone for the good advice. I ended up picking up one of the POD HD500x for around 380 and I checked a few local shops and found a Jackson Mark Morton Dominion in good used condition for 900, and they threw in a Kustom Dual 30RC amp for 100. The guitar sounds amazing and I feel like overall I'm happy with it.