I have a blackstar ID( I know you guys hate em) it has built in delay but i want better. This thing has no loop. and from my understanding to sound decent delay has to come after distortion.im using a boss- sd-1 then it goes into distortion, but im sure that wont work....so will i be wasting my money on getting a delay pedal? not sure if this matters but the delay is for metal solos
if you had you amp on clean and ran delay in front with an OD driving the delay, then you would be fine. but i have no idea how your amp takes pedals.

honestly i haven't touched your amp before. but a decent delay is ~$100 towards the lower end.

it may not be worth it to you to spend that money for an ideal delay just because you want it to sound better than what you have. and it wound't be as functional, you would need to drive the pedal with an OD, and not being able to use the sims.

this isn't blackstar hate, but just an idea
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and from my understanding to sound decent delay has to come after distortion

if you stick a delay after the SD-1 you should be fine even with a higher gain amp setting.