WHY DOES IT TAKE SO F@#$%*^ LONG TO UPLOAD MY TAB!!!! I may be a little impatient but I'm wondering do they get like thousand of tabs a day? Do they need more staff?? I'll work there hell yeah, do I just watch out for cuss words? Seriously wtf? It's been 4 days since my tab was in review and I needed mine for a cover I wanted to do.

And yes, there is a large volume of tabs. Adding more staff has been suggested (a lot), but there are actually quite a few people approving tabs and the site admins take quality and consistency over volume by only allowing trusted, proven people to approve tabs.

On that note, the upload itself is very quick. The approval process is what takes time.
It took a week to get approved damnit. Well the funny thing is, not even the whole tab showed just the top part of it. I think it was because I accidently had it on tabs and not chords. So I thought it'd take another week. But then you just edit and add the rest in like what are they so worried about approving tabs if you can just add anything you want after it?? HAHA Seems kinda ridiculous if you ask me.
I think their main issue is finding the "BEST" version of that tab to keep on the site. I could be wrong, but hey.