Hey guys, so i just got this guitar, Gibson LP Studio 2014. And I've noticed pretty annoying hum. I'd accept this kind of Hum with a single coil guitar, but it seems like a bit too much hum for a LP. Technician told me, that it is normal for coiltapping pickups and that he can't do anything about that, but I am just suspecting that he is just being lazy. Should i try to find someon else to fix it, or it is normal and i should learn to live with that?
Do anyone of you Gibson owners have similar problem?
Sorry for my english.
Is it a grounding problem perhaps? If the ground-wire isn't soldered properly, you will have an annoying hum from the guitar until you ground the guitar with your own body - which means it will go away when you touch the bridge or the strings.

Grounded outputs isn't that common in houses in Sweden (our house built in 1979 don't have them other than in the *******) so touching a radiator or computer chassi while playing results in shock from the strings unless I have the ground wire on the guitar lifted.

A grounded guitar isn't always ideal, thus.
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