Hi, Im in the process of making a fretboard for my guitar. Anyway I installed the dot inlays (mother of pearl) on the rosewood fretboard then I sanded them down so they are flush. Anyway as you'd expect there was a white coloured dust that kinda went everywhere, well I got a lot of it off but with Rosewood quite "holey" - not the right term but yeah the white dust won't go away easily. My question is, will this white dust come off when I use lemon oil at the end to clean the fretboard, because I don't have a lot and don't want to have to do it twice. I have tried wetting paper rolls and getting it off that way but some still remains.

Anyway any replies will be useful
Get in there with some water and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Lemon oil isn't really a cleaning product, it just keeps the board from looking dry.

"porous" I think was the word you're looking for btw
I would try something along the lines of like lighter fluid (naptha). If the fretboard isn't fretted or slotted.

But if I was making a fretboard from scratch I would polish it with micro mesh to 12,000 grit for a really high end feel and look. I use it for polishing frets and so forth and it makes used guitars look new.
Yes the word I was looking for was porous, and I tried the old toothbrush and water and that seemed to work, so now those inlays look really nice. Anyway I thought I'd let you know that its all good now!
you should have hit it with a air compressor blow-gun first then do the soft brush
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