I am in the market for an audio interface. The reason I want to buy one is to record guitar with an sm57 so I can better guitar recordings than my condenser mic. I was wondering if this is a solid product that gets the job done.

Im currently using a 2014 macbook pro with yosemite 10.10 going into garageband
The 2 inputs isnt an issue
Is there little to no idle hum when recording
Is there another somewhat cheap interface with at least basic recording tools?

Ask any further questions
Thanks in advance
The Focurite 6i6 is in about the same price range and it's fantastic. Very happy with mine, gets along with SM57 very nicely.
If its just for the guitar you could get a dirt cheap Uphoria from Behringer, the new ones HD, like this one http://www.clickplus.pt/p73594 , Midas projected preamps and an extra input you can use later on..

I use one and bought it just for the price and I'm loving it.