I have an electric guitar.

I recently purchased a Dunlop 83CN trigger capo. http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/acoustic-curved-trigger-capos

So I get home and basically the pricetag is covering a part of the front and when I open it, the covered part reads 'Acoustic'.

So I am thinking, is there really a whole pile of difference? I put it on and basically got what I needed in terms of sound, but is this capo bad for my guitar or playing in some way because it was only advertised as 'acoustic'? Or is it the case that generally they are quite interchangable?

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I doubt it would cause any trouble, I use a capo for both electric and acoustic, same one all the time, I have two, one I've had for many years, the other as a back up since it was so old. I can't see any difference at all between using them for acoustic or electric.

That style is what our other guitar player uses, works for him on acoustic, electric and 12 string acoustic no problems I can see.
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Since electric guitar necks and strings are similar to those of acoustics, I don't see why there should be a problem. Where it gets more complicated is nylon string/classical/flamenco/Spanish guitars because they have a wide flat fretboard, which is why there are two different general types of capos.

"Acoustic guitar" usually refers to western/steel string guitars, so maybe "acoustic" just tries to separate it from nylon string guitars. But most probably imo it's either sloppy naming or they're trying to sell electric guitar capos separately.

edit: they do try to sell electric guitar capos separately, the only difference I can spot is that it looks a bit longer. Maybe for 7-strings?

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Just looked at the website you posted. My guess is some of the others are right in regards to the spring tension being a bit higher on the acoustic model. It looks like they also sell an electric version.

Also, as suggested, try placing the capo as close to the fret as possible. I've even seen some pro musicians place the capo directly on the capo to avoid sharping the notes.