I recently joined a punk/alternative rock band, and am looking to upgrade my amp.

I currently have a Line 6 Spider III 150W, which was nice for at home playing, but I'm looking for something more suitable for live performances.

I'm trying to find used tube amps, or new ones on sale; preferably heads, or 2x12 combos, so my budget is around $600.

What would be the best out of these options:

Bugera, 333XL
Bad Cat, Cougar 50H

Music-wise, we have more of a Senses Fail, Blink-182, Neck Deep, kinda sound. I want solid cleans, but heavy gain when I need it.

For guitars, I'm using an ESP EC-401, and an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro.

Any help would be appreciated.
Pffft, you kids and your "punk".

If I were in your situation I'd look for a used Egnater Rebel and cab and if I couldn't find one I'd grab a Peavey Valveking Micro head and cab.
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Punk bands tend to uses Marshalls, I'd go in that direction.

Something like the JCM800 would do great!

Mesa will have a more "metal" tone
A DSL would be good.
DSL401 or DSL50/DSL100 + cab if you have the money.

Or a peavey vypyr tube if you wanna spend less money.
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I'd stay away from the bugera.

Tom used mostly Mesa Rects and Marshall JCM900 (I think?) IIRC. He used Vox AC30s and Fender Twins after the (first ) hiatus and still does with AAA now.

Neck Deep uses Orange Rockerverb, so if you don't need 2 channels look into the Jim Root Terror head.

6505s are becoming pretty common in Pop Punk now too.

But out of those four, I'd go with a Mesa (probably a rect of some sort) or an Older gainier Marshall (JCM800 or a JVM.)
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Honestly you don't need much finesse, probably decent distortion or overdrive into tube amp.
I'd go for used tube, 50 watt and up into at least 2x12.
Peavey VK would be good, Laney AOR, Marshall JCM900, DSL...

Honestly pretty much anything...you can even go solid state as long it is loud enough, one of the Randall heads, 100 watters with good distortion, like say Blackstar Ht or Sansamp.

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JCM900's are good for punk (about all they are good for ).

DSL's are better.

you are not going to find a mesa for that price unless you find a single-rec combo or rectoverb.

and as diabolical said, for punk, just about anything will get the job done.

an OD is important IMO.
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