i just want to know which one you guys would choose between theses 2 guitars.

for the same price (around 450$)

brand new schecter demon solo 6 or
used schecter blackjack s-1

i tried both and i dont see many differences,, im not an expert tho XD
and i mostly just play rocksmith for now, ill buy an amp soon

your thoughts will help me to take a decision
sry for bad english
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Blackjack S-1, hands down. It has Seymour Duncan JB/'59 pickups, the Demon Solo 6 has Duncan Designed pickups which suck a lot in comparison.
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Hell yes that Blackjack. That's a great price for one, too, if it's in good condition. The real SD pickups in the Blackjack alone make it a better guitar than the Demon. That said, the Demon is not a bad guitar for its new price, if you want to buy new and have a warranty and whatnot. Still though, Blackjack.
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