I've been playing a handful of months; I'm reasonably capable. I play a Sigma dreadnought. I play typical acoustic rock music.

I have never changed strings; the guy at the store thinks mine are 12s. I seem to play it just fine. I like the feel of new Taylor's and Martin's hanging in music stores, if that helps.*

I should note that I'm also getting my guitar setup for the first time, including a new saddle (mines chipped) and nut. So I want to make the best decision.*

So, what gauge strings should I be using?

I much appreciate any comments. Thanks
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It's probably best to stick with, "acoustic lights", (.012 to .053), or "twelves" in the vernacular. They're a good balance between a solid bass, and too much tension on the neck. (In reality, too much tension on the body).

In any case, I wouldn't go any lighter than "custom light", which are .011 to .052. Big body guitars like a good amount of string energy to give of their best.

Although, different people hear differently, different guitars react differently, and your results may vary.

Different woods like different alloy strings, (either phosphor bronze or "brass", which is also known as "plain bronze", or "80/20" alloy). It's much brighter than PB.

There's some trial and error you need to perform. But generally, must players opt for either D,Addario "EXP" coated strings, or one of "Elixir's" offerings. (I should mention that those two camps really don't get along that well.....)
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I'd stick with the 12's(lights). I tried customs(11's) once and they just felt too slinky to me. I've never tried a heavier gage but they would be slightly harder to play and also put more tension on the neck. As far as brand and coated vs. uncoated, that's all up to individual preference. I like coated myself and used to use D'addario EXP's which I liked but then I tried Cleartones and I think they sound amazing.
Don't hesitate to try a few different types of strings over a few months. I have .13s on one acoustic and .12s on another and I like them both for different reasons.
FWIW, the feel of the Taylors and Martins likely has nothing to do with the strings. You'll probably love the feel of your Sigma too after it's set up. I don't know what type of saddle and nut comes standard on the sigma's but I hope you are getting either a bone or tusq replacement, and not plastic. Like Derek said, strings are something you are going to replace periodically and their not real expensive, so it's good to experiment and find what you like the feel and sound of. The coated ones are more expensive but they also last longer. I love the cleartones I put on my Yamaha. They lost a little bit of that initial sparkle after a few sessions but they still sound better than anything else I've tried after a month of heavy use. As a bonus, I got a free t-shirt with a 2-pack purchase off ebay! I'm gonna try DR's on my other guitar that I have in the shop for repair as they were highly recommended by the guys that work there.
Thanks for the replies!*

It's definitely time I start experimenting with strings. As soon as I get my guitar back and give the Martin's on it some time I'll try the strings y'all suggested.*

Thanks again.