Hi there all! I thought I'd poll the masses before buying another new guitar!
I'm stuck between a MiM Fender Stratocaster or a Custom Riveria Epiphone P93.
I've played the Strat but not the P93 but I've seen some videos of it and I like it.
I'm into playing Blues/ Blues Rock like The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Hanni el Khatib etc. if that helps any.

Thank you all in advance for your help.
"Lara" Epi EJ-200CE
"Nikki" Fender Blues Deluxe

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But they just disappeared
to the back of my mind."

"Jessi" Airline H78
"Cara" Fender Tele w/ Bigsby
"Hayley" Gibson Les Paul
pretty different guitars there tough to compare. P-90s or fender single coils which would suite you better. the riveria is a semi-hollow which will yield a different tone as well. if you plan on doing any real whammy bar work then the bigsby style probably won't cut it.

i dunno both are really good guitars. not really a semi-hollow kinda guy but the riveria is the one that i would get if the urge hit me. played one several times and really enjoyed it for blues and more regular rock stuff. since i tend more towards hard rock it wouldn't be a go to guitar.

for the bands you mentioned i guess either would work but perhaps the Epi would be a better fit.