Hi everyone.

I thought i would post my findings on this amp now that i have had it for a couple of months.

All my opinions are based on using an Ibanez PGM301 and a Charvel San Dimas.

The first one i had delivered was broke so i have gigged the current one for 3 months before commenting on it. Some of my views and issues will be accompanied by video but watching them is not essential as i would rather do a sincere review than go fishing for youtube views.

So......the head and 2x12 cab both come well packaged with all the correct leads and manuals (this is actually a rare thing in my experience). Both the head and cab are built like tanks. The tolex is very tidy and nicely finished in the corners and all the fittings are tight. The only problem i could find here was the handles on both the head and cab are too tight and when they get cold its hard to get your hand into the handle to pull it up. Not too much of a big deal but a bit annoying.

Turning the amp on and the first thing that is different to any other amp is the power and standby being on the back. Some people hate this but its not to much of a big deal so i'm not complaining there.

On to the clean channel. This channel is very good at both home and gig volume. The first gig i took it to i was instantly happy. We started the first set with 'i feel fine' (beatles) and i was able to get a very bold clean sound with the gain and mids up but still retain clarity without getting messy. The amp has tons of clean headroom and when we moved forward in the gig i was able to get chilli peppers, the killers, del shannon, roy obbison and more with total ease. This channel is very easy to shape and a god send for someone like me that plays in a wedding/function band.

On to the blue channel. Again, good at both gig and home volume. The blue channel tends to saturate more at low volumes and at home i use it (other than recording) to play van halen, obviously, and other 80's - early 90's stuff. The best amp i had ever owned for this level of gain in the past was the mesa express but this amp kills it and is by far the best rock tone i have ever found. My best results have been tones like 'pornograffitti' (extreme), 'van halen II' and surprisingly 'no rest for the wicked' (ozzy). It sounds nothing like a marshall contrary to popular belief and sounds more like a bogner. I played some steve vai covers from the era he used a bognor and got very close.
At gig volume this channel continues to shine but becomes a bit clearer and harder sounding thus moving some of the higher gain examples i mentioned (pornograffitti) onto the red channel.

A problem now arrises. The clean and blue channels share a volume control and don't balance out at home or at gig volume. This is the biggest problem with this amp and if the amp did not sound so good i would bail out here. I have explained the situation and found some solutions to the problem in this video

On to the red channel. I have never heard this amount of gain before. Its totally mental and my first impression was that it was too much but if you are modest with the gain and presence knobs this channel is very musical. It nails pretty much any metal tone you could want easily but its best quality is the lead tone. Its perfect for Boosting into lead from the blue channel. The transition from blue to red sounds very natural. I can see why satchel from steel panther uses these amps. Most amps get a bit squishy for leads when you have lots of gain but this channel stays very 'mid' focused and musical.

As i mentioned above, i have been gigging this amp for a couple of months now and had no problems at all. Its easily as good quality as any mesa i have ever owned.
The cab sounds great and its nice having a cab without V-30's for a change. The stock H30's serve the amp very well.

Anyway that hasn't stopped me trying other speakers so i will post all the speakers i have matched with this amp and like i said its entirely up to you if you watch. It seems worthwhile posting them for owners or potential owners of this amp

and yeah the shared EQ on the 50w 5153's seems to be a limiter but lots of guys have figured out ways to get around that. Your 212 has the EVH version Greenback right?

Edit: For some reason I thought this was a 5150 III
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How does the 5150 compare to a 6505?

I've heard the 6505 sound really fizzy at lower volumes, is this the cae with the 5150?

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In my experience, both sound like a fizzy mess at whisper volumes but easily clean up before the volume knob reaches 1. Both are totally usable as bedroom amps.
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Yeah i gotta agree. I have found both the Peavey and EVH to be good at low volume. The high gain on the EVH is slightly more tame whereas the Peavey is much more aggressive. All in all i think the EVH is the better amp because of the green and blue channels being so good.

The volume jump is the biggest thorn in this amps side but like mentioned above. Most people find a good way to solve the issue
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and yeah the shared EQ on the 50w 5153's seems to be a limiter but lots of guys have figured out ways to get around that. Your 212 has the EVH version Greenback right?

Edit: For some reason I thought this was a 5150 III

This is a 5150 III The stock speakers in the 2x12 are G12H30's. They sound pretty good
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The III seems to sound more midrange focused to me, not as fizzy as the original

Agreed....It makes the Red channel a lot more appealing to lead players. If someone was a fan of stuff like Vai / Satch then this version of the 5150 would be the best option.