Hey guys,

So I've narrowed down my red telecaster search to 3 options. I'm going to show you these options then tell you what I liked and disliked about each one and then request advice from you guys.

Option 1)
I dislike the maple fretboard although I like the cheap price. The cheapness does make me weary of the quality compared to option 2.

Option 2)
I like the overall look and I feel the price is fairly decent. I dislike the fact that it doesn't give a full description on the guitars features. It's higher price makes me think it may be better value than option 1

Option 3)
I absolutely adore the look of this guitar to high heaven. I do dislike that it's from a dealer I've never purchased from before and some of the reviews of this guitar on other sites say the neck pickup is bad, I also dislike the high price that I would probably end up paying just for the look.

So could you guys maybe give me some advice on choosing which one (please don't say go in a try them out because 3 and 2 I can't). And also if people could clarify the difference between each one especially 1 and 2. Thanks

P.S My amp is a VOX AC30 Valve Combo Amp with Celestion Blue Speakers.
P.S.S I will mainly be playing alternative, garage and a bit of indie rock as well as some rock'n'roll and maybe some blues. (I play a lot of old Arctic Monkeys stuff)
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