Okay I have a preslotted fretboard and I've gone and bent my fretwire I bought. I cut it all up then I presumed though the tangs were wider than the slot using enough force I could get it in. Well I either want to enlarge the slots (preferably not) or cut the fret tangs smaller so it goes in the slot. I've already tried doing this by squishing it with pliers , do you think maybe I should use a file or possibly put it in a vice. Anyway I don't want to have to buy any specialist equipment but what would you recommend. Both fret wire and preslotted board were from Stew Mac

Thanks in advance
Radius your board first and polish it up, then use a needle file to work a very gentle V shape into the slots. Press the fret wire in with a brass caul for your drill press, or use a plastic/rubber hammer. The fret tang should be wider than the slot, otherwise it won't grip, and it should require a fair amount of force to get in - some woods, like ebony, will be a real sod to work with here.

Don't file the tang down, don't use pliers, and don't use a vice!
Thank you, I will do that then! I already have radiused the fretboard so that's all good, I was just worried about cutting into the board itself incase that's not what you are supposed to do CUs its pretty irreversible
They're supposed to fit tight, otherwise they could slip back out. The tang is to grab and hold the frets into the slot, same way some plastic housings are put together. I've seen laptops made that way. No problem to put together, tear it up taking it apart.

In addition to what Mint already suggested you can also use a small hammer and a wooden dowel to tap them into place. Go slow and tap lightly. Make sure everything seats evenly.
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Well I've done one fret so far making the V with needle files and its pretty much perfect. I haven't got any specialist tools so Im using a wooden block then hammering the wooden block in. I saw someone on youtube do it and it seemed fine - mine also seems fine, cheaper than buying the proper tools anyway
Cool, just make sure you do something to give the neck a little support while doing it. Probably not too hard to make a curved wood block and lay some felt over it then place that directly under the fret you want to work on. The wood block should work fine, al lyou have to do is go slow and careful. Tap lightly don't beat it to death...
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