Hey guys,

So, basically, I have a band that is periodically recording and releasing songs, but since all the members are living in different parts of the world, we are doing this relatively seldom and we are doing that mostly for fun. However, we've just recorded a new song, however our vocalist was not able to record any vocals, so we are in need of someone to lay some immediately, as we have a scheduled release date and we have to stick to our plan. The track is completely ready, lyrics are ready, we are getting a lyric video and a premiere once everything is done, so we need serious person who would be able to record as soon as possible, with proper equipment and some experience in this. We need someone who is capable of laying metalcore vocals, both harsh and clean.
You can find our previous song below in order to get the feel.

Please, if anyone is interested, message me and I'd be able to provide you with the track and the lyrics if you want. Only serious queries please!