Hi there.

In combination with me starting to look at some Andy Summers stuff I reallt want to know what chords he often uses?
I know that he likes to change his chords and make them more unique, but what chords and how does he do it?
Can anyone help me with this?
I know my bar chords, open chords, 7'th chords and so on, but I want some chords that I can use like Summers did?
Do you follow?
I want to know and do his way of making the chords more interesting.

This is GG&A forum. You may get better answers in Musician Talk.

Also, could you post an example song?
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I believe Andy Summers tends to use sus chords. If you stack 2 perfect fifths you get a sus2 chord like Summers uses. If you continue stacking fifths you enter the world of quartal and quintal harmony. This stuff is kinda "floaty" sounding because it lacks the third, which tells us if a chord is major or minor.
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This is GG&A forum. You may get better answers in Musician Talk.

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I know it isn't the same genre, but if you are wanting chord substitution then check into Joe Pass's "Solo Jazz Guitar" dvd.

Actually, I just found it on youtube here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Hn18o5dh4). It may take a few times listening to it to understand, but it is good stuff. I'm pretty sure it will help you.
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