So while waiting to save up for a new compressor for the organ, I thought why not temporarily "salvage" the reverb tank to use as an external unit or run from the Fender Excelsior. I will post pics.

I suppose my question is this: would it be easier to turn it into a very simple external unit (I don't care if it's screwed into a 2x4 its for recording only) or somehow disable the tremolo circuit and drive the tank from the Excelsior tube preamp?

I read on another thread that you need a scope to fully check the spectrum impedance, but you could check if it was still good by testing the input and output dcr with a digital meter. Is this true? It came to about 2 ohms input, 200 output. According to the same post this is in the "Fender" style specs range? If this is also correct, does this mean that I can build a fender reverb unit circuit to drive it?

As for the original circuit, it is from a Hammond 524c which is a transistor organ. There are lots of videos on how to repurpose a tube Hammond reverb driver but not the transistor circuit. I have the 524 reverb driver schematic if this would be useful.
Reverb tank



here's the link to the schematic (this was posted from it's home site on another forum and they said is was the reverb driver schem, even though it's labeld as "Main Amplifier R." I suppose that could be just what they labeled it as):

and the main page: http://www.captain-foldback.com/Hammond_sub/schematics/t500series/
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