Alright so here's my questions, how exactly does a noise gate work? Why do some noise gate pedals have four input jacks: input, output, send, and receive? When I get a noise gate, will it change anything about my effects coming from my other pedals? And how do you use the potentiometer on the noise gate to get the best result? If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated, I'm just now starting to get more into effects pedals and I'm completely ignorant when it comes to this particular pedal... If it helps my rig is (guitars change all the time), crybaby wah, zoom multistomp, fab (danelectro) overdrive, voodoo octave/fuzz, EVH phaser, analog delay, to an Ibanez half-stack... Thanks in advance!!!
A noise gate is half of an expander.

It basically cuts the sound out when the level of the incoming signal falls below a threshold, which is usually set by the only knob on the pedal.

The send and return are used in some gates only and may be placed in different part of the gate circuit so there's really no way of knowing what an fx loop on a noise gate pedal does.
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Depending what noise gate/suppressor you get it may do different things. The ISP Decimator (non G-String) just has an in, out, and one knob. When the amount of signal falls below the threshold, the signal cuts out. The Decimator G-String has an in, out, receiver in, and receiver out. You plug your guitar in the in, then go through the out to all your pedals, then back in the receiver in and then from the receiver out to the amp. This allows the noise gate to sense the clean, noiseless signal coming out of your guitar then suppress any noise coming from pedals, or you instead of pedals you can put your amp's preamp (via the FX loop) in the receiver loop of the ISP and cut and buzz your amp makes. The Boss NS-2 has 2 loops as well, but both are suppressor loops, so it's kind of like having 2 Decimators in one pedal, but the NS-2 is nowhere near as good as the ISP and a lot of people finds it sucks some tone. I have no experience with the MXR Smart Gate, but in function it is very similar to the ISP.
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