Hello Guys,
I am planning to buy my first electric guitar and I am stuck between
Cort g260 and the squier affinity strat or tele.
I am not located in USA so I don't have many options and prices here are much higher.
I plan to play ambient/shoegaze/dream pop music

Thanks, I appreciate your input
honestly either would be fine. Cort makes decent guitars and Squiers are also solid.
Same advice I always give to this question, check it out closely, play it, listen to it and get the one that plays and sounds like what YOU like.

Always play an electric unplugged first, make sure it sounds decent and has decent sustain. Then plug it in if it sounds good. Takes time to learn what to listen for, so if you have some friends with good guitars you might see if they will let you play them unplugged and listen to them. But if you play a half dozen guitars in any music store you'll notice a difference in the way they sound and sustain unplugged. I can't describe it, but I know when I play one that sounds good, compared to a crummy sounding unplugged electric, and it's mostly sustain...a crummy one will usually sound dead and lifeless too.
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Never played a Squier Affinity series guitar that was anything more than crap!

So, the Cort may also be crap but my experience says the Squier will certainly be!
Guitars like Squire, Cort and Epiphone can be upgraded by redoing the wiring, pickup upgrades and other mods.