I have to write awsome, energetic solo for song:

Dm, Bb, A.

I`m pretty newbe in solo writing, so i need your advises. How start with that? Maybe can u tab in gp5 me some good licks which will be suit with that?
Licks are cool, if you've already found your voice.
Just let go and fall in a groove. If you start feeling repetitious then look for licks.
Play you pretty good first then expand with adding licks.
Some will develop just from jammin.
That track, you'll need some speed.
You a shredder?
I started jamming off the bat. The riff and drums lay it down nice and mix well together. I like the guitar tone. There wasn't a section i would consider a solo, though. I like the flanger effect. You used it in a good place. What i would change is the number of times the main riff is repeated. Maybe add another hooky riff and just alternate. All in all it's a cool idea with potential.

C4C, comrade?

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