I am super excited to have just completed my new track and video... I call it "simplicity", as that was the original intent... Although I did have to invent some new facial expressions to record it.

This is the first time I videoed all instruments.. Check it out.


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****ing epic. It made me feel like i was in a mythical setting with an exaggerated haircut.
Sigs are for salad tossers.
Thank you for the reviews. Now your tune/video: it is amazing all of you guys look virtually identical! Nice guitar playing, almost as shredded as your pants (sorry couldn't resist). But seriously, nice tune and everything played well.
I feel the love guys...

And Aaron Aardvark, that is definitely a "Dad joke"... my favorite jeans always are the ones to get threadbare and fall apart.

Thanks all for the input
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Cheers for the compliment... I've checked out your work... I dig the groove and energy.