I recently asked on the Frowning (Funeral Doom Metal) Facebook page what tuning he uses, he replied with 'H, E, A, D, G#, H or Drop A'.

Seeing as he said Drop A, I would assume the Hs are meant to be As, but does anyone have any idea what the Hs actually represent? Also, any idea why he would use G# instead of F#?

Thanks to anyone who responds in advance.
Oh cool, thanks for your response

So would this still be Drop A tuning? I don't have a deep knowledge of theory but I thought Drop A Tuning had to at least have the low E string dropped to A.
no, it is effectively B standard, every string tuned down 2 1/2 steps from standard. Drop A would be dropping the B string down an additional step.
The G and F are near in the keyboard, maybe it was a typo, but to make sure you should ask them again. Recntly i've seen some bands use alternate tunings besides Drop and Open. Anywho the rest has been explained by the previous posters.
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