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The theme "Bom dia texas rock" on youtube.


The link doesn´t work I don´t know why.

Perhaps you could put the audio in a soundcloud link?

I've watched your clip. I was hoping for a little more creativity outside of the standard 12 bar blues with anticipated pentatonic "Box Pattern". Could I recommend using some chromatic notes between your key notes (Maybe as walk-up or walk-downs). Maybe also use more than one register (octave) for added interest.
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Thank you for your comment, I am a beginner, I have studied the blues scale and applied it here in all extension. I am a blues fan, and this song was intended to be just a blues. Interesting your recommendation of chromatic notes, I really did not know that could be applied to the blues scale, but makes me sense. I have no guitar master, so all criticism is welcome, I´ll try to apply in the future your advices.
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What an awesome attitude.

Considering your experience then I can say.... "accurate representation of the blues feel, over all playing is fairly tight (with a few exceptions). Be encouraged, and I look forward to hearing some of your future developments"

I am grateful for your understanding and precious help, your comments denote very implicit professionalism, I will continue to practice and try to do better in next record. I'm quite curious about your musical works, I believe that you are a very good guitarist. If you have records available I'd like to hear them. Hug.