this is a common look on back of gibson guitars. I know there's paint applied to the mahogany wood.

What kind of paint is painted over it vs a solid color like a les paul custom in white above?

can both finishes have gloss or satin finishes?

can the solid painted necks have more stickiness even with the same finish?
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The back in the one with the visible grain is done by applying a colored grain filler. It's allowed to set for a bit and the excess is wiped off. Then there's usually a couple of coats of tinted nitro applied and finally some clear coats.
The solid color models are done the same way AFAIK, the only different is instead of tinted nitro it's a solid color nitro.
Moving on.....
It's just a difference between transparent and solid color finishes. Usually it's not actually paint, by the way. Sometimes wood grain is further accentuated by directly coloring the grains, and then doing a color finish over top of the whole thing, sometimes it's just the color finish and the grain pattern is otherwise completely natural. Varies from model to model and brand to brand.

And yes, both solid and transparent colors can also be either glossy or satin. As for the stickiness of the neck, that's usually gonna be pretty similar from one gloss finish to another, regardless of color. Same with satin. May vary from one brand to another, just because of the different finishes and finish thicknesses they may use. If it's actually a completely natural, unfinished neck, then that's gonna depend on what kind of wood it is.
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